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Server Guidelines
The server guidelines are to provide a basic framework for the [3dAC] admin team to run the server. If you adhere to these guidelines (like the majority of players will) you are unlikely to have a problem on our server.

#1 Be a team player and don't be a dick.
#2 You must have a microphone and use it.
#3 Name squads correctly (after 3:00)
#4 Assets should be used appropriately by experienced personnel.
#5 Adhere to all admin team requests and warnings. We timeban after two warnings (12 hours).

For more information as to how these guidelines are likely to be enforced please read the admin team guidelines.

If you disagree with any admin team decisions please adhere to them in the first instance and make a complain in the forums. Administrators will be held to account for their decisions and are less likely to be rota'd on again if they were deemed to have acted poorly.
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