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Admin Team Guidelines

 Post subject: Admin Team Guidelines
PostPosted: 15 Jun 2015, 20:23 
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Administration of the server
The server is administered on a rota basis. Every evening there will be 3 to 4 people responsible for seeding and managing the server, one of these will be nominated "lead" who has ultimate responsibility for making things run smoothly. The lead will also have overall responsibility for any decisions during the night they are on rota (maplists, kicking players) and will be held responsible for any problems and situations handled badly.

Other 3dAC members will not have server admin unless there are no rota'd administrators online.

Rules/Admin Guidelines
The "lead" will have responsibility for handling situations appropriately. How situations are dealt with will ultimately depend on who the lead is however for consistency there are some general rules and guidelines for applying these:

#1 Be a team player and don't be a dick.
Self explanatory, catch all rule. Covers things like rushing first flag, main base attacks, all chat spam, soloing and teamkilling. Players should be warned for what they are actually doing wrong.

#2 You must have a microphone and use it.

#3 Name squads correctly (after 3:00)
Easy to enforce at the start of a round, first named squad has priority. Later on if an poorly-named squad takes an asset, use your judgement, make a decision and stick with it.

Think about what will be best for the team, if MechInf squad want to keep using their APC and the APC squad have been loosing assets throughout the round, it's a no brainer. Just make sure you clearly communicate your decision to both parties in team chat.

#4 Assets should be used appropriately by experienced personnel.
Covers asset wasting, soloing etc. Be cautious about warning people about asset waste from a single warning, perspective is everything and one person/quad may not see the whole picture of what a vehicle crew were trying to achieve.

#5 Adhere to all admin team requests and warnings. We timeban after two warnings (12 hours).
The admin team should be trying to create an enjoyable, teamwork oriented game for that majority of players on the server.
If somebody ignores two warnings or starts arguing in chat, they probably need to take a timeout and cool down. Kicks should really only be used for afk players.
Special consideration should be given to other clans, we don't want cause lots of people to disconnect and the server to die. Generally if you kick/timeban another 'known' player you should be prepared to justify your decision (and why there was no alternative) to High Command and accept consequences if we are unhappy with your reasoning.

General rule: you'll never please everyone. The lead admin is responsible for picking maps and calling map votes (if they want to use map votes)
Vague guidelines:
- Avoid playing multiple insurgency or large maps (i.e. 4km Infantry/Vehicle biased maps) in a row.
- Avoid map sequences where a team plays the same faction twice in a row.
- Try to keep the mapvote choices (if used) suitably aligned, the two guidelines above should provide a good idea of what type of map you should be doing, the vote should be for variations on a theme (i.e. Asad Khal v.s. Gaza rather than Asad Khal vs. Kashan)

Server Crashes
They happen... If you want a specific skirmish map for the server to auto-restart onto, let me know. Otherwise play it by ear as to doing a runnext before the skirmish round has finished depending on players that have rejoined (or do mapvotes etc.). If the previous round had just started it's sometime nice to re-start but that's just my personal preference.


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